The Bunker Hill Elementary PTO is a non-profit organization and is open to all parents, legal guardians and staff at Bunker Hill.

Our mission is to build a close relationship between a family’s home and school experience by extending opportunities for all parents to become involved in the Bunker Hill Community. The PTO coordinates enrichment programs, raises funds, supports school and family communication, and serves as a source of information on issues that matter to the education and wellness of our children.

We believe in the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Our PTO proudly takes an active role in every student’s education and their ability to become healthy, productive and successful in life.

Our PTO typically meets on the first Thursday of every month (see the calendar for exact dates). Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. in the LGI room. Please park in the lower lot and enter through door #15.

Childcare during PTO meetings is provided in the gym at no charge.


2018-2019 OFFICERS

PRESIDENT: Jenny Lewis

VICE-PRESIDENT: Stephanie Rigler

TREASURER: Mystie Green

SECRETARY: Melanie Kerr

SOCIAL MEDIA: Ryan Carrell


Art to Remember, Kristen Wootton
Bookstore, Mystie Green
Box Tops, Kerri Davis
Egg Hunt, Ryan Carrell
Family Events, Kerri Davis and Jenny Lewis
Honor Roll, Jennifer Cansler
Ink Cartridge Recycling, Mystie Green
Club Kindergarten, Karen Grider, Tera Scott, Elena Reed
Membership, Sara Thomas
Movie Nights, Ryan Carrell and Jen Swartz
Restaurant/Entertainment Fundraising, Kathy Luther
Room Parents, Allison Hunt
Santa Shop, Mystie Green
Snack With Santa, Stephanie Rigler
Spirit Wear, Lacey Martin and Dawniel Hall
Spring Fling, Stephanie Rigler and Jenny Lewis
Staff Appreciation, Betsy Matlock, Christy Poisson and Melissa Koerber
Sunshine, Christy Poisson and Melissa Koerber
Supply Kits, Mystie Green
Volunteer Coordinators, Jill Carrell
Walk-A-Thon, Stephanie Rigler, Jenny Lewis and Jen Swartz



What’s the cost for PTO membership? There is no cost!

The PTO board unanimously voted to suspend all PTO membership fees, making it free for any Bunker Hill family to join. We want to ensure there are no barriers to prevent anyone from joining our efforts. We want our children to know that we are all behind them, helping them to grow and reach their highest potential.

And don’t worry, filling out a membership form doesn’t mean you are volunteering to undertake a specific job or committee. While volunteers are always welcomed, you will never be asked to participate in any activity unless you are interested.

Our goal is to achieve 100% membership so that our children understand that we are all growing stronger together.

For more information, please contact Sara Thomas.


“What is the PTO?”
The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is a group of volunteers working together to encourage and enhance the success of our children.

We promote family involvement at school because we believe that everyone should be fully invested in our children’s future. And it’s easier to accomplish that goal by working together.

“What does the PTO do for our children and the school?”
We get asked that a lot. And it’s a great question.

We raise funds. We sponsor family-centered events. We offer support to the staff. We promote and support school and family interaction. We provide a forum for sharing information on issues that affect our children. In a nutshell, we take a team approach to help provide the best learning environment for every child.

“Is the PTO open to everyone?”

Absolutely! Undeniably! Without a doubt! We not only welcome all families to join the PTO…we encourage everyone to join! We believe there is strength in numbers.

Joining the PTO doesn’t mean you’re committed to volunteering all of your spare time. In fact, there’s no commitment at all. But joining the PTO does mean that you and your family can get better connected to our school. And when you’re connected, you’re more aware of what’s going on in our school, township, and community.

“Why is fundraising a major focus of the PTO?”

One of our biggest roles in the school is fundraising. The staff and students alike depend on our fundraisers to improve and enhance their learning environment. Our fundraising efforts have allowed us to purchase classroom whiteboards, dictionaries, playground equipment, student magazine subscriptions and general supplies. We also fund transportation expenses for field trips and purchase spirit t-shirts for every student.

Our annual Walk-A-Thon has become a highly successful fundraiser, thanks to the generous support of community sponsors and our families. The donations and sponsorship have allowed us to purchase laptops and other technology equipment for the school. It’s also a great opportunity for our families to come together for a day of exercise and fun!

Each year, our Spring Fling delivers a night of games, food, and fun for the whole family. The highly-anticipated basket raffle always promises that each winner will leave with an amazing bundle of prizes.

We also sponsor a variety of programs—including Box Tops for Education, ink cartridge collection, school spirit nights at local restaurants and businesses, Art to Remember—to raise money for our school.

“Does the PTO do anything other than fundraising?”

Sure, we are probably best known for fundraising to help purchase new technology, equipment, and educational tools. And because the school budget can be tight, the need for fundraising has never been greater or more important.

But, that’s not our only role in the school community.

We focus on helping to provide a learning environment where students and staff can be most successful. Our volunteers help the staff with administrative work, such as running photocopies, laminating flashcards and shelving library books. We lend a helping hand in the cafeteria and on the playground during Teacher Appreciation Week. We help students get from Point A to Point B for ISTEP testing.

We host social events to help our families feel more connected to the school and each other. Our Klub Kindergarten volunteers organize activities for kindergartners to welcome them to Bunker Hill. Our Bulldogs love family dance nights, where they can dress in their best costumes and show off their amazing talent. Snack with Santa is a holiday favorite where families can make crafts, enjoy baked goodies, watch local performers, browse the Santa Shop, and have their pictures with the jolly ol’ elf. Whether we’re popping popcorn for family movie nights, hiding eggs for the community Easter egg hunt, or reading stories at the family Book Fair evening, we believe that bringing our children and families together helps everyone become more successful.

“How can I get involved?”

We are so glad you want to know more about available opportunities! Please fill out the contact form, and one of our PTO members will help answer your questions and place your membership.